New Year: A New Beginning?

A new year, a new beginning. I don’t know how many times we’ve heard and said this but did nothing. Often times we ended up fooling ourselves. We keep saying the same thing every single year but at that instance, many of us don’t even know what’s that new that we want to do. And, for ones among us who actually have an idea of what we want to do, fail to come up with a plan to action.

Let’s revisit our time as to when we were just a kid, we were never afraid to dream. We dreamt of becoming a doctor, engineer, astronaut, a prime minister, and so many other things. We dreamt of touching the sky. Everything seemed possible but as we grew up, the people around us starting saying that your idea is too crazy, it’s not possible, you can’t do it, you’re not realistic, it’s unachievable and then we stopped. We started listening to people a bit too much and started doubting ourselves. We lost that confidence, we started creating a bubble around us – called the comfort zone. Unaware of the environment outside, many of us dare not move out of that zone and end up there for eternity.

We often times hear that life is too short, do something you’re really passionate about. And, this is when we started with the vision of redefining education. Many of our close ones called us crazy when we had just started it. Called it an impossible dream but we kept going. We didn’t have to prove anyone anything but rather make our dreams a reality. With the platform, our ambition has always been higher. But the difference we’ve been able to make so far is nothing short of magical. We’ve simplified the lives of more than 15 million people in even the slightest of way which makes us feel proud and wants to do more. Our answer to the doubters is with another question “Why not try?” Why not take the first few steps and see where it takes? We don’t have to have answers to all the questions when we just start but if we don’t really give it a shot, we’re definitely going regret it sometime in our lifetime.

Every New Year is not a new beginning but that’s our way of finding an excuse, our way of running away from personal action, and responsibility or delaying things. Rather, every new day, every passing minute to even every passing second holds a lot of power if you want to make the best of it. Now, it’s on you if want to pursue something, if you really want to do something – now is the time. You never have to wait till the next year to start what you really want. Like Nike’s slogan reads, “Just do it!” There’s no perfect time than NOW to make it happen. A New Year doesn’t have to be a new beginning – you can take any moment and make it a new beginning in your personal and professional lifes.

  14 Apr 2019