Life Lesson from Spider within a Window Glass

On a Friday morning, which started as any other weekdays for me, little did I know that I was going to have an early morning lesson from a spider. Yes, you got it right – a SPIDER. Not any spider in general but the one which I witnessed while on my way to college which taught me a life lesson.

The spider wasn’t free to move anywhere it liked though, it was stuck within the two sliding glasses of a bus window. There was, however, an opening in the other end from where it could be free from the struggle within the glass. The glass here for the spider served as a self-created safety zone for itself, a comfort zone from where it was not so willing to get out.

The travel which lasted for almost half an hour, most of my attention was grabbed by that spider alone. It travels a certain distance within the glass and then returned back to its normal location soon after some vibrations. I couldn’t help but relate this to ourselves, we often go a distance or think of doing so in our personal and professional life. But soon after there’s some turbulence, we return back to our self-created safety zone. The spider was uncertain about what waited for it at the other end of the glass like we do with our lives. We stop making decisions, making a jump in our life fearing the consequences, fearing the uncertainty, fearing from the responsibility and more so by restricting ourselves within the self-made glass.

At the end of the glass, the spider didn’t knew what waited for it. Would it make any difference if the outcome was known and it’s the freedom, a better world? With the outcome unknown, a little shake made the spider return back to the shell. Maybe it could have been a completely different story with the outcome known. In the last 5 minutes, it didn’t even move due to multiple failures and lack of motivation. The position it was in was comfortable enough for it, life’s going on. So why try, why suffer?

Just like the spider, in this case, same is true for all of us as well. We create our own virtual glass from which we often don’t try to move out after few failures or by just overthinking about it. We think of the next big idea but kill it within ourselves citing the commitments, risks involved and lack of willpower to rally behind it. We fail to listen to what our gut truly tells us. All of this because we’re afraid. We fear the situation, we fear to step off our auto-pilot, and we fear what we cannot predict. You thus need to realize that everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And, you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use. Remember to believe in yourself – you are your best friend and you can create the life the way you want. The decision is yours, would you like to stay within your comfort zone fearing the unpredictable or step off your auto-pilot to make a difference?


  15 Sep 2018