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I am Angel Paudel and welcome to my website. I consider myself as a tech enthusiast. I often write and share my interests, hobbies and passions through the website. Hoping that you'll all like it.


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I am a thinker who first focuses on understanding the problem in hand before combining my skills and knowledge with information to achieve a solution.


Regardless of the obstacles that come my way while I pursue a goal, I keep going and give it my all. I also know that sometimes despite of your intentions, something don't work out.


I can easily adapt to new situations, improvise, and shift strategies to meet different types of challenges as per the requirement.


  • Web Consultant


    2017 -

    I work in Knowledge Management and Communication Unit of ICIMOD for managing ICIMOD website and handel communications for other initiatives as per the need. The following role involves diverse responsibilities ranging the management of ICIMOD website to managing the architecture it's based in.


    Imagine Designs

    2014 - 2017

    As a program coordinator, I communicated with the clients to understand the design requirement, supervise the budget and resources, document and record work performance and supervise the team members. My role also extended beyond that to developing the website, graphics elements while also ensuring that all the company standards are met before the product goes live.

  • CO-FOUNDER (TyroCity Pvt. Ltd.)

    2012 - 2018

    A startup project in my teenage with an ambition to make a difference in the education sector of Nepal. My role involved of reaching out to our target group with various interaction programs. It also involved developing and managing the website (, social media pages, and its operation for the project.



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    Tyanglaphat - 1, Kirtipur,
    Kathmandu, Nepal

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    +977 9849 865288
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